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By lemaster 27 Feb, 2018

One thing that New York does not lack is bar & grilles. Regardless of the city, eating establishments like this are everywhere, making competition fierce. For your business to stand out so that you draw in more customers, it is imperative that you give patrons a unique experience. Along with incredible menu items and outstanding service, consider stamped concrete floors. That way, you have a stunning foundation on which to build.

For your New York bar & grille, consider the cool stamped concrete designs below.

  • Yellow Brick Road– Especially if you serve delicious homestyle meals and cater to families, why not make your bar & grille fun and interesting at the same time by creating a “yellow brick road?” For the main floor, an expert installer can use a medium brown color, and then, from the entrance, you can include a pathway in yellow that weaves in and out of the dining area. For the yellow portion, you could go with a stamped brick design.
  • Home Sports Teams– If your New York bar & grille focuses on sports, then have the installer create a custom stamp consisting of logos for the different hometown Whether you’re focusing on college or professional sports, this is an excellent way to show pride for and give support to the sports teams that your customers come to watch on the big screen TVs.
  • Sophistication and Elegance– Just because you have a bar & grille does not mean you cannot create a sophisticated and elegant environment. One way to accomplish this is by dividing your place into two sides. One side will offer casual dining, and the other side will offer more formal dining. For a fine dining experience, focus on stamped concrete that looks like genuine slate, marble, or flagstone.

Remember, with stamped concrete, there are virtually no limitations. Therefore, get creative and gather ideas online to make your New York bar & grille the best it can be.

By lemaster 20 Feb, 2018

If there is one thing that New York knows all about, it is fashion. In fact, New York City is a hot spot for some of the best fashion shows in the world. However, even smaller events draw a significant crowd. Regardless, the goal is to support or introduce designers and showcase their creations. To accomplish that, models walk runways wearing various pieces. If you plan to host a fashion show, polished concrete can make it more successful.

Beyond the clothing and models, the one thing that stands out at a fashion show is the runway. With polished concrete, you will have a stunning surface with unbelievable shine for the models to walk on. As a result, every outfit looks more enticing, which increases interest and, ultimately, sales.

Another reason why polished concrete will make your New York fashion shows a big hit is that while the surface appears shiny, you can make it entirely safe for the models to walk on. You can accomplish that by having the installer apply a top sealer with anti-slip grit. That way, models can strut their stuff without slipping. Not only does that ensure a seamless show, but it also protects you from liability should someone fall and get injured.

You can also create a unique look for your runway. Although you can always select just one color, for a more dramatic effect, consider multiple colors using dyes or various finishing techniques. Because most dyes are compatible, there are endless possibilities. Depending on the type of show you host, you can create a runway that looks elegant, funky, casual, or anything in between.

To keep your polished concrete runway beautiful, all you need to do is sweep and damp mop. Even if you notice more stubborn dirt and grime from the heavy foot traffic, with a neutral pH cleaner, the runway will retain its incredible luster.

By lemaster 12 Feb, 2018

Unlike homes, commercial environments present unique challenges when it comes to flooring. For that reason, many business owners in Albany now rely on polished concrete floors. Not only is this flooring solution beautiful, but it’s also durable and long-lasting. If you want floors for your commercial space, this is an excellent choice. As part of that decision, it is essential to follow a few steps to keep them in pristine condition.

  • Buying the Right Product– To start with, it is imperative that you choose the right product. After all, you get what you pay for. That does not mean you need to purchase the most expensive product, just one of superior quality. For help in making the right decision, you can get recommendations from the professional installer you hire to do the job.
  • Expert Installation– It is just as critical to hire the right installer. That way, you have the assurance that your new polished concrete floors get installed correctly. Ultimately, that will eliminate problems and give you an outstanding flooring system for your Albany business that will last for decades.
  • Proper Care– The great thing about polished concrete floors is that they require minimal upkeep. However, even quality products can fade over time. To help maintain their luster, it is imperative that you follow scheduled maintenance. Therefore, you want to dust mop every day to eliminate dirt and grime, especially in areas with significant traffic. For more stubborn areas, you may need to use a manufacturer-approved cleaner. In that case, you would use a neutral pH product to avoid damaging the surface. At the same time, you should always use a soft pad to prevent scratches. Then, at least once a week if not more often, you should damp mop your new floors.

By following these simple tips, your polished concrete floors will look beautiful and wear incredibly well. This flooring system is an excellent way to enhance your Albany business.

By lemaster 06 Feb, 2018

Microtoppings are a type of concrete overlay used for both indoor and outdoor applications. As a film that goes on top of an existing concrete surface, they create a clean canvas on which other decorative treatments can be applied. Depending on the look you want to achieve, a professional installer can enhance this overlay using dyes, stains, and even stenciled patterns.

Depending on the product, some come pre-colored, while for others, integral color gets added. For the latter, the expert can customize a look based on your preference. For instance, that individual can control the degree of color or use different color variations to create a layered effect of varying hues.

Advantages of Microtoppings

There are numerous advantages to microtopping overlays. They will add richness and warmth to your Rexford home. Once it is professionally applied, the overlay will transform your concrete surface. For instance, when used in a hearth room, the environment’s look and feel becomes more inviting. Although a lot of people use microtoppings to create floors with a sophisticated appearance, they complement any style and décor.

As mentioned, an expert installer can apply microtoppings to indoor and outdoor surfaces. Because of that, you can enhance any room inside of your Rexford home, as well as a patio area, courtyard, walkway, pool deck, and more outside. For a complete makeover, this type of decorative concrete overlay is hard to beat.

Although microtoppings often get applied in layers as thin as 20 mils, an expert can add more than one coat to create a troweled or textured appearance. Combine that with the right color, and you end up with beautiful yet unique floors. Instead of going with a more traditional flooring system, microtoppings are extraordinary. Once applied, they are also easy to clean and maintain, adding even more value.

For ideas on using microtoppings at your Rexford home, research online or speak with a professional installer or reputable company that sells high-quality products. With so much versatility, you can get as creative as you like.

By lemaster 28 Jan, 2018

Many people who live in New York lofts have a distinct style. Most are creative, meaning they are willing to think outside of the box when it comes to designing an interior space. Thanks to decorative concrete floors, there are incredible opportunities to incorporate cool and crazy ideas.

As an example, you could have a design applied that looks like the yellow brick road in the movie “The Wizard of Oz.” Starting out small at the front door of your New York loft apartment, you could have the pathway eventually get larger as it spirals through other rooms. Although whimsical, when done correctly, this would look gorgeous.

Another option consists of polished concrete floors in coordinating colors, one for each area of your loft. Because these apartments have an open design, not only is this fun, it is also practical. As an example, you could choose a chocolate color for the entry and central living area, burnt orange in the kitchen, and amber in the dining room.

Even one or more walls of your New York loft apartment could get enhanced with polished concrete. Instead of traditional faux finishes, this would transform the entire interior space. For a stunning look, you might consider decorative concrete floors in one color combined with walls in either the same or a different color. Especially for showcasing artwork, this crazy idea works.

Whether you come up with ideas on your own or work with a professional for guidance, you can achieve almost any look that you want. Along with their beauty, polished concrete floors are durable, long lasting, and highly resistant to chips and scratches. With sweeping and mopping, your new flooring solution will continue to look amazing. Whether you spend time at home alone or entertain often, consider a unique design unlike any other New York loft apartment.

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