Concrete Overlays

Concrete Overlays

Decorative Overlays
Concrete overlays can transform your boring old concrete into a beautiful work of art. An overlay system involves polymer-modified, cement-based products that can be installed in thin applications or built thicker to accept a stamped texture. Overlays are more durable than conventional concrete and offer superior strength.

Texture, pattern, color, and design possibilities are virtually unlimited. Stencils can be used to create anything from logos, borders, decorative accents, and patterns. With overlays, you can even have your concrete resemble a gorgeous Persian rug.

Types of Overlays:

Spray Down – offers superior slip resistance
Trowel Down – offers a variety of textures ranging from smooth to a rougher, more Tuscan look
Stamped – creates a stone-like appearance
Concrete Overlay Applications:

Pool Decks
Retail Stores
Office Buildings
We can help create a one-of-a-kind floor to suit your specific needs. Don’t rip out and replace your old slab or hide it with a conventional floor covering – allow us to design a unique concrete surface custom designed just or your project.
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