Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a multi-step process that utilizes diamond impregnated abrasives and chemical hardeners to produce a hard, durable shell. Each piece of concrete is unique with no two pours being identical. Specialized industrial equipment outfitted with diamond abrasives are used to remove surface imperfections and refine the concrete’s surface. More aggressive course grits are used initially and are followed by progressively finer grits in order to smooth the floor. A penetrating chemical is then applied in the middle of the process to harden and add density the concrete. This is an internal reaction that builds a crystalline structure in the air voids of the concrete’s surface. The polishing continues with finer abrasives. The level of sheen can be varied by the last grit of abrasive used. Bottom line: The finer the grit, the greater the shine and clarity.

If you prefer colored concrete, pigments can be introduced into the process with the use of concrete dyes. Borders, patterns, logos, and various designs can be utilized to produce a unique, customized appearance. Decorative cuts and engraving can be incorporated to provide further enhancements. Polishing concrete can be used to revitalize existing concrete or beautify new concrete.

Applications for Polished Concrete:

Retail spaces
Office Buildings
Private Residences
Radiant Heat Floors
Benefits of Polished Concrete:

Benefits of Polished Concrete:

Superior Durability
Ease of Maintenance
Lower Life Cycle Cost
Environmentally Friendly
Eliminates Need for Coatings or Waxes
Dust and Allergen Free
High Light Reflectivity (Less Need for Artificial Light)

Polished concrete provides an extremely durable flooring solution. Your long-term satisfaction requires implementing a proper maintenance program. We are happy to work with you to custom design a program to ensure years of enjoyment with your polished concrete floor.

Essential Steps Polished Concrete Floor Maintenance New York

Although the steps for concrete floor maintenance in New York are relatively easy, this is something that you should know about when having a polished floor installed. Of all the flooring options sweeping the country, polished concrete is in greatest demand. In addition to looking gorgeous, this flooring system does not require any waxing and stripping as seen with vinyl floors. Even so, there are important steps to follow to ensure the floor looks great and lasts for years.

When cleaning the floor and removing any small dirt particles, use a microfiber pad. Because concrete contains soil, it functions as an abrasive that naturally attracts dust particles. If not properly cleaned and maintained, these particles can reduce the amount of shine and clarity of color.

For concrete floor maintenance in New York, you also need to wet wash. Be sure that you use a clean mop and change the water frequently.

If you have polished concrete floors in your home, the best method of cleaning is with a bucket of warm water and a mop. When installed in a commercial building, automatic scrubbers tend to work best.

If your polished concrete floor sees a large volume of foot traffic, as well as a good amount of dirt, you will need to use a neutral floor cleaner when wet mopping. Although plain water works great most of the time, in these scenarios, plain bucket mopping may not be sufficient.
By using a neutral floor cleaner, dust and debris become suspended, making the cleaning process easier. Make sure you give the cleaner adequate time to work before mopping. You also want to avoid using any type of citrus cleaner, pine-based cleaner, vinegar, bleach, or ammonia. Instead, stick with a pH neutral cleaner and never allow it to dry. If that happens, cleaning and maintenance become more difficult and time-consuming.

As soon as you notice spills or stains, take action. If left to stand for any length of time, they will penetrate the concrete’s surface. To prevent this problem, you should have a high-quality protective sealant or coating applied. If your polished concrete floor is starting to look dull, a high-speed burnisher will make all the difference in the world.

For outstanding results, follow a regimen for concrete floor maintenance for your New York home or business. That way, nothing is overlooked and the cleaning process will go faster. For a decorative polished floor, a new layer of polish should be added every two to three years, depending on the condition of the floor.
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